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Edeyo relief supplies team reached the outskirts of Jéremie—in southwestern Haiti

The Edeyo relief supplies team reached the outskirts of Jéremie—in southwestern Haiti—in the early evening of Monday

Student Art Gallery

Art stimulates and develops the imagination and critical thinking, and refines cognitive and creative skills. Art also teaches children life skills such as developing an informed perception and articulating a vision. Take a look at some of our student's chef d'oeuvres!!


Our Projects

Our School: Ecole Herve Romain
We currently rent two neighboring buildings to accommodate our kindergarten and primary school.
Rebuilding Plan
Our plan for a new building envisions 20 classrooms, administrative space and community meeting space.
Advance Curriculum
Edeyo aims to provide a first-rate, adequately resourced education to our students.

Our Programs

Sponsorship & Scholarships
Sponsorship develops a special bond between you and the child you support.
Edeyo Smile
The goal of the Edeyo Smile program is to ensure that our kids have healthy teeth.
Community Development
To change the lives of our students we also have to help the community within which they live, thrive and become sustainable..

Get Involved

Organize a fundraiser for Edeyo or become a sponsor.
Edeyo always welcome volunteers in New York and in Haiti.
Become an advocate and spread the news about Edeyo's quest for durable solutions in Haiti.