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In the Wake of Hurricane Matthew




Dear friends of Edeyo,

It is now exactly one week since Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the coast of Haiti. The scale of the damage is now becoming clear: entire towns взять займ 10000 рублей срочно на карту have absolutely wiped out, and the livelihood of subsistence farmers and fishermen has been completely destroyed. Millions of women, men, and children have been left with nothing except the shirts on their back, and many who experienced serious injuries have received no medical attention. Food is running short, and as people begin to starve in towns like Les Cayes, some are fighting each other for food.

The situation now threatens to get even worse. In the absence of effective sewage and irrigation systems, and in communities enveloped by the stench of decomposing animals and human beings, epidemic disease could soon explode. There is now a danger of a humanitarian crisis that threatens to surpass even the earthquake of 2010. People in many parts of the country, including especially the southwest, have no access to fresh water; and many villages they are surrounded by stagnant water that offers ideal conditions for the spread of malaria and other waterborne disease.

We urgently request your support in helping to address the actual and potential spread of diseases such as malaria; cholera; TB; typhoid; and tetanus. Edeyo, as you know, has minimal overhead costs; any financial donation you are able to provide (www.edeyo.org) will go directly to help the people of Haiti, and wherever possible we will purchase supplies from Haitian vendors and businesses. We also welcome your donations of medical and hygiene supplies, since these are in extremely short supply in Haiti. Please write to us for drop-off locations in Jersey City and Hofstra University.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration in warding off disaster, and helping to save many thousands, or tens of thousands, of lives.

The Edeyo Team.