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To change the lives of our students, we also have to help the community within which they live to thrive and become sufficiently and sustainably developed. This year, Edeyo is launching new programs targeting community development. We work hard towards educating the children of Bel Air and we want our students and their families to benefit from a healthy and safe environment.

Our Community Development Programs:

POTO MITAN  (Pillars)

Fanm se poto mitan is a saying in Haitian Krèyol, which translates to “women are the pillars” in English. For community development to be efficient, particular emphasis has to be put on women and girls. As part of its community development programs, Edeyo will focus on women and girl empowerment through:

1) Income Generating Programs

               -Edeyo Bay Lavi (coming soon)

2) Educational Workshops

               -Gender Development

               -Maternal Health Education

               -Adult literacy Workshops

               -Financial Literacy Workshops

KANPE (Stand Up)

Bel Air has an illustrious historical heritage and is rich with talented artists. Edeyo will help promote local artists from Bel Air throughout Haiti and in the US to empower the community and inspire the children we serve. Local artists involved with Kanpe will also conduct after school programs with the Edeyo children to stimulate creativity and nurture young talents. Kanpe is an invitation for the artists of Bel Air to stand together and have a positive impact on the younger generation utilizing art as an instrument of change and empowerment.