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Unik Ernest’s 5th Annual Edeyo Toy Drive Benefit with Zink Magazine hosted by Nigel Barker


Eliott | Dec 14, 2012 |Pblcty

Nigel Barker, the photographer and television personality has been using his media contacts and popularity to raise funds for the Edeyo foundation.


The recently held 5th Annual Edeyo Toy Drive Benefit was hosted by him. The benefit was a an effort to raise money and spread awareness for the children of Haiti. 

Unik Ernest, the president and founder of Edeyo organization, Sheriff Ishak, Rob Furst, Gabi Rebeschini, Marina Theiss and Amanda Salvato were some of the other guests there. The music for the evening was provided by Dj Kiss and Dj Damon Degraff there was also performances by Antoniette Costa and Natasha Bessez.