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Stephen Baldwin Hosts 6th Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Ball with Unik Ernest and Nigel Barker


t21Another glorious night in the world of Gotham fundraising took place this week as host Stephen Baldwin helped raise over $200,000 at The 6th Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Ball.

“I am here to do a small part by hosting this event for my friend Unik,” said Baldwin. “Already this organization has affected over 250 children. That is a lot and just helping one makes a difference. This organization continues to grow and we are here to inspire people in a positive way to help Haiti.”

This past Wednesday Edeyo Foundation co-founders Unik Ernest and Michael Pradieu welcomed over 300 supporters at the colorful ball presented by NIKE and AVI OSTER at The Highline Ballroom. The gala was sponsored by HBO and Maserati of Long Island.

A cocktail reception and silent auction with hors d’oeuvres by Lugo Caffe started off the evening and was followed with a fantastic sit down meal of authentic Haitian cuisine. Guests included Geoffrey Bradfield, Kamela Forbes, Marc Leder,

Susan Gossage, Stewart Rahr, Crissy Barker and Lady Liliana Cavendish. Attendees were treated to an award ceremony during the seated dinner that combined a live auction with items including a Kenya safari and tickets to the Super Bowl and Grammys.

Mr. Baldwin presented the night’s honorees Sharon Bush with the Edeyo Hope Award, Dr. Jane Aronson with the Edeyo Humanitarian Award and Cindy Stagoff with Edeyo Empowerment Award. Chair Member Nigel Barker honored Nancy Myers-Alverez with the Edeyo Ambassador Award.  Closing the evening was a live performance by Grammy Award wining singer Bridget Kelly and set by DJ Cassidy.


“Haiti has a special place in my heart,” stated Kelly. “I feel it is a place that many people have forgotten about it and it is time to remember. I am also a big advocate for helping kids. I just felt like this was a perfect opportunity to sing tonight and bring awareness.”

Funds raised will go towards improving the future of children in Haiti by rebuilding schools and providing students with a safe learning environment.  Money will also provide nutritious food and water on a daily basis.  Since June 2007, Unik Ernest decided to utilize his birthday to give back. In lieu of gifts, he encouraged guests to dig into their pockets and donate towards a greater cause.

“After three years Haiti still needs help,” stated Unik about his native country that was devastated by a natural disaster not so long ago. “This organization has taught me how much impact we can have. It is a dream come true that we are leaving a positive mark on this world. It is not just for Haiti. It is for humanity.”

For more information visit www.edeyo.org.

Photos by Andrew Fitzsimons: