Edeyo | Help Them: Haiti Education Initiative

About Us |

The Edeyo Foundation, whose name is derived from the Haitian Krèyol word meaning “help them,” is an independent, nonprofit organization based in New York City, dedicated to improving the future for children in Haiti through education.


Our mission is to improve the future for children in Bel Air – one of the poorest neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, Haiti –   through free quality education, nutritional and social support.


We envision a Haiti of hope and progress where the children of Bel Air and other severely underdeveloped areas around the country have access to opportunities, a better life, and thriving communities.   


Edeyo staff and volunteers share the values that drive our commitment to the children of Haiti.

Accountability: We take personal responsibility for managing our resources efficiently, achieving quantifiable results, and being accountable to the communities within which we work, to our donors, partners and most importantly, the children.

Sustainability: We focus on programs that forge the path towards sustainable development and have the potential to impact the lives of our students in a positive way, and to empower the community within which they live.

Gender Equality: Edeyo is committed to gender equality through gender development campaigns and adult literacy opportunities for young women from the community of Bel Air.

Community Engagement: We involve the community within which we work to ensure sustainability and increase the impact of our school and programs.

Cooperation: We cooperate with local organizations and groups focusing on education and community development to increase our effectiveness. We believe that sharing knowledge and expertise with our partners will intensify the positive benefits of our programs.