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Walter Sassard

Our fundraising and organizational operations are based in New York City while the school we support is in Bel Air, Haiti.

Bel Air is a “red zone” neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, defined by the international NGO community as out of bounds because of security concerns. It is also an impoverished area of the city, densely populated and overbuilt.

Despite its indigent present situation, Bel Air has an illustrious past as a center for Haiti’s intellectual and artistic life; it was here that the great poet and playwright Frankétienne was brought up. It is also a neighborhood with a vibrant political history.

Most importantly, Bel Air is filled with children living in desperate conditions. In an area where most families struggle to even pay for water, education is considered a rare privilege. Sadly, malnutrition is the most urgent problem occupying the children of Haiti today, and many are forced to survive for days without eating. For those lucky enough to attend, the Edeyo School is a relief from the chaos that surrounds them. Our students are hardworking and enthusiastic. We believe they are deserving of a first-rate education and aim to provide one for them.