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Edeyo founder, Unk Ernest, traveled to Haiti with a yoga instructor to teach the children the fundamentals of yoga. It was quite difficult to be able to pre-determine how the children would react to the Yoga sessions but, against all odds, they were extremely receptive.

The goal of the Yoga & Wellness workshops is to instill self-love, cooperation, and wellness education through the practice of Yoga, among the children of the school. Volunteers from NY currently maintain our yoga program. Our goal is to integrate yoga into our full-time curriculum.  more pictures >>

“Volunteering in Haiti to teach children yoga was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. They had huge hearts and taught me so much about remaining happy in the face of such adversity.” – Amanda Rose-Walsh



For the past few years the group Rhythm N’ Dance has travelled to Haiti with the Edeyo Foundation to conduct workshops in African dance, drum, and song techniques. The group leads the children in the instruction of several songs & dances of the SeneGambia region of West Africa. Our goal is to integrate Art into our full-time curriculum.   more pictures >>



Every year volunteers engage in a basketball workshop with the students of Edeyo.  The goal of the workshop is to expose the students to healthy activities, which emphasize the importance of teamwork. Our goal is to integrate sports into our full-time curriculum. more pictures >>