Edeyo | Help Them: Haiti Education Initiative

What We Do | We work in one of the most disadvantage communities in Haiti

Where we Work

Our fund raising and organizational operations are based in New York City while the school we support is in Bel-Air, Haiti.

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About Bel Air

Bel Air is a "red zone" neighborhood in Port-au-Prince - defined by the international NGO community as out of bounds because of security concerns. It is also a slum area of the city densely populated and overbuilt.

About Haiti

Haiti was the first independent Latin American country, the site of the first successful slave rebellion and the first black-led republic in the world after gaining independence from France in 1804.

Our Focus: Education

We focus on providing education to disadvantaged children because, equipped with the proper resources, the children will have access to better opportunities.

The Need for Edeyo's Work

The extent of underdeveloped educational infrastructure in Haiti threatens to persist for the forseeable future.

Our Projects

Our School: Ecole Herve Romain
We currently rent two neighboring buildings to accommodate our kindergarten and primary school получить займ на карту без отказа .
Edeyo's Plan for Rebuilding: The Edeyo Academy
The Edeyo School was completely destroyed in the earthquake of January 2010. Our goal is to turn catastrophe to opportunity by building a new high-quality, innovative, and sustainable community school for the children of Bel Air, who live in one of the most underprivileged parts of Haiti’s impoverished capital city